Foundation for Shamanic Studies

 Power Soul Retrieval Training™

Weekend Workshop

Taught by Ellen Winner, JD, CSC®

Learning shamanism is not just a matter of acquiring methods, but also of increasing spiritual power and knowing how to use it. From the shamanic point of view, people who are not spiritually "power-filled” are prone to illness, accidents, and misfortune. Anyone who has had a traumatic experience may lose a portion of their soul, of their spiritual essence. There are also other reasons this may occur. 


In this workshop, participants will learn about soul loss and soul retrieval from a shamanic perspective. There will be a particular emphasis on the importance of shamanic power to do successful soul retrieval. Participants will also learn how to re-empower a client’s soul after it has been returned so that the client is once again spiritually power-filled, leading to greater health and well-being. 


This soul retrieval training is based on worldwide core principles and methods. It does not require Western psychological perspectives and practices. 


The workshop is given all day Saturday and Sunday.


Thirteen FSS Continuing Education (CE) Credits available.


NOTE: You must have already taken the FSS Basic Workshop: "The Way of the Shaman,”® the Shamanic Extraction Healing Training, and Shamanism, Dying and Beyond workshops with an authorized FSS Faculty Member to be eligible for this workshop. 


August 18-19, 2018

Lawrence, KS


Saturday:  10:00 am. to 5:30 pm.

Sunday:  9:30 am. to 5:00 pm.


$240 if paid by July 17, 2018

$260 if paid after July 17, 2018


Register for the Soul Retrieval workshop online here



Contact: Marta Schwartz


for more information and registration.



  • Gain proficiency in this ancient work of the shaman for healing on all levels — emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual — of those who have suffered from trauma.
  • Increase your capacity to hold and use shamanic power.
  • Sharpen your shamanic senses to recognize, find, recover and restore lost soul essence.
  • Soul retrieval is an essential shamanic skill that clients often ask for.
  • Gain competence and practice in working with powerful spirit helpers.
  • Practice working directly with shamanic Power to restore lost vital essence to clients suffering from depression, chronic illnesses and “bad luck” in their lives.
  • Shamanic Soul Retrieval provides a different perspective than standard psychological treatments on depression, feelings of being stuck, feelings of alienation from others, and repetitive unpleasant thoughts and feelings.
  • You can help recover this highly effective, but mostly lost, healing method for our Western culture. is a website of  Healing in Consciousness, LLC

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