Classical Shamanic Services

Traditional Shamanism uses techniques of mind and spirit developed by humans all over the world through tens of thousands of years for dealing with diseases and life problems.  Shamans work in an altered state of consciousness to seek knowledge dealing with diseases and life problems,   journeying to hidden worlds otherwise mainly known through myth, dream, and near-death experiences. In the shamanic model these worlds are called “spirit worlds.”

In addition to the traditional healing methods, shamans often receive guidance and assistance from the spirits for new ways of changing the spiritual patterns that govern illness and other types of suffering specifically tailored for the patient’s situation at that time and place.

A good shaman consults the spirits in non ordinary reality before beginning any shamanic work to ask for this guidance and help in determining the most appropriate work to be done, which may be different from what the patient or the shaman may have originally thought while in their ordinary reality consciousness.

To arrange for shamanic services, contact us.  You will be asked to sign an intake form describing the services we offer and confirming the necessary legal disclosures required of alternative and complementary health care professionals in the State of Colorado.

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Traditional shamanic services: 

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