Maile Lama


Maile Lama is Ellen's teacher. They met in Nepal in 1988.

Maile Lama became a shaman in childhood. She was kidnapped at age 7 by the Banjhankri, a wild forest spirit who abducts children in order to make them into shamans. Banjhankri shamans are considered the most powerful of all the shamans in the Himalayas. 

She was kidnapped again at age 9 and again at age 11, after which she studied with her shaman grandfather to learn the traditional shamanic practices of her ancestors, which are primarily in the ancient pre-Buddhist Bön tradition of Tibet and Nepal.

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Shamanistic Studies & Research Centre

She worked as a community shaman in her home village of Okhaldunga and later moved to Kathmandu. In 1989 she was selected as a teacher/healer by the Shamanistic Studies & Research Centre, Kathmandu, Nepal for her reputation and experience as an effective healer with an ability to impart her knowledge to foreign students and maintain them in a state of spiritual protection while transmitting the receptive states needed for possession by a tutelary deity.

 Maile Lama was featured at the First and Second Annual Cross-Cultural Shamanic Conferences in Boulder, Colorado in 2013 and 2014.

She performed many exciting major healing, blessing and house-clearing ceremonies and provided her gentle, but powerful healing sessions for private clients while she was in the United States.

Ellen and Maile drumming at Red Feather

Ellen and Maile Lama drumming at Red Feather Lakes Festival