Bring your Wisdom . . .

Next Meeting Monday, February 10, 2020

Ellen Winner Presents

6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Ruby Seaton's ArtLife Studio

4949 Broadway, Suite 204, Boulder, CO 80304*

No charge to attend 

Bring: a drum or rattle and a bandana to cover your eyes, if you have them.

Please RSVP via email or text 720-635-7212 as space is limited.

This is a group for open-minded people in the Denver-Boulder, Colorado area  interested in Spiritual Growth, especially if you're on the path to Enlightenment. The group meets approximately once a month to explore and teach each other practices and perspectives useful on our paths — what Buddhists call “skillful means.” (We call them “hacks.”) These are practices rather than beliefs. We also share our stories of important steps on “the path,” and discuss what we know and what we want to know.



If you have a story to tell or an idea or technique (a "skillful means" or “hack”) to share, the group could benefit from learning, to help us on our spiritual paths, please volunteer to facilitate an upcoming group.

There are many, many traditional and modern skillful means, with more emerging all the time. We all know a few. They come in meditation, dreams, and intuitions, from lessons we learn facing life challenges, spiritual teachers we’ve found, and library or online research.

Let’s share what we know and practice together.

And, be sure to check out the Enlightenment blogs on this website.

* Directions: Come north from town on Broadway past Lee Hill Drive, turn left into the steep driveway on the immediate left and a few yards further up from the “Laramie” sign in the middle of the road. Turn right at the top of this short, steep driveway, and go across the front of a large parking lot. You’ll be facing a very long building that runs east-west across the north end of the lot. The right (east) section of this super long building is painted teal. Park along the short, east side of this building, or nearby. Come through a middle door on the short east-facing wall and up the stairs.

The Artlife Studio is immediately on your right at the top of the stairs.

Call Ruby at 720-434-4746 if lost.

If you have questions, or to RSVP, please call Ellen at 720-635-7212, or email is a website of  Healing in Consciousness, LLC

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